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Massimo Bubola

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Massimo Bubola is an Italian singer-songwriter, record producer and arranger. During his career, he worked with various Italian musicians in writing lyrics and music, his most significant collaboration was with Fabrizio De André. Born in Terrazzo, a commune in the Province of Verona, Italy he started writing songs at a young age. After the interest of the record producer Antonio Casetta in 1976, he published his first album Nastro giallo (Yellow Ribbon). In 1978 Bubola started his cooperation with Fabrizio De André, writing with him the lyrics of the album Rimini and, in 1981, of the album Fabrizio De André. In his third album Tre rose, published in 1981, Bubola received the cooperation of Fabrizio De André as artistic producer, Dori Ghezzi and Cristiano De André as chorister and Mauro Pagani as flute singer.

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