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Mark Kozelek and Jimmy Lavalle

folktronica indie electronic singer-songwriter slowcore

'Perils From The Sea' is the debut collaboration by The Album Leaf's multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle and Sun Kil Moon singer Mark Kozelek. The project began on Sept 11, 2011, when Kozelek, a fan and acquaintance of LaValle, asked Jimmy to co-write a song. LaValle, a long time admirer of Kozelek's work, said yes, and the track 'What Happened To My Brother' came together quickly. Pleased with the results, the two agreed to record an entire album. Kozelek and LaValle continued to work together over the following year, until 'Perils From The Sea' was completed. For the album LaValle chose a more minimalist approach to the music than The Album Leaf's large sonic soundscapes. The lyrics to the song, 'You Missed My Heart', Kozelek says were inspired by a nightmare he had in an Ontario hotel room. Kozelek's story-telling narratives playing against LaValle's hypnotic synth sounds and drums beats should come as a pleasant surprise to fans, and should serve as a great introduction to those previously unacquainted with these prolific and acclaimed artists.

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