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Marcelo Camelo

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    Marcelo de Souza Camelo was born in Rio de Janeiro on February 4, 1978. He is singer, guitarrist and casually bassist of Los Hermanos (which was formed in 1997 and entered in an undetermined recess in April 2007).

    In September 2008, Marcelo released his first solo album “Sou” with 12 compositions and a similar musical style to the last album by Los Hermanos, “4”. It was released under his own label, Zé Pereira. SonyBmg is in charge for the distribution of this work in Brazil. His inaugural work features the cameo performances by Dominguinhos, Mallu Magalhães, Clara Sverner and by the São Paulo band Hurtmold, who would accompany him during his tour.

    The tour for the launching of “Sou” - started on September 9 during the festival Coquetel Molotov, in Recife, and passed by Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

    Some of the tracks on have been taken from videos on the internet (such as “Liberdade”, “Téo e a Gaivota” e “Doce Solidão” - all from the album “Sou”) or from homemade materials that would include (or not) in the first albums by Los Hermanos (such as “Pierrot”, “Deixa Estar”, “Melissa”, among others).

    In 2011, he released the album Toque Dela.

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