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Maggie Reilly

pop female vocalists Scottish 80s Pop-Rock

Maggie Reilly (born September 15, 1956) is a Scottish vocalist best known for her collaborations with the composer Mike Oldfield between 1980 and 1984, especially by performing the vocals on such songs as "Moonlight Shadow", "Five Miles Out", "Family Man" and "To France".

Reilly was born in Glasgow. Her early career included singing with the Scottish Jazz Funk band Cado Belle. In 1992, she issued her debut solo album "Echoes", from which the singles "Everytime We Touch", "Tears in the Rain" and "Wait" were the most successful ones, followed by "Midnight Sun" in 1993, "Elena" in 1996, "Starcrossed" in 2000, "Save it for a Rainy Day" in 2003 and "Rowan" in 2006.

She has also worked with many others including Mike Batt (on his "The Hunting of the Snark" album), Jack Bruce, Dave Greenfield & Jan-Jacques Burnel, Lesiëm, Ralph McTell, Simon Nicol (of Fairport Convention), Runrig, The Sisters of Mercy and Smokie.

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