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electronic indie psychedelic alternative indie pop

      MGMT is a / group which formed in Middletown, Connecticut, United States in 2002 by Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser.

      They signed to Columbia Records in 2006.
      Originally consisting only of VanWyngarden and Goldwasser, the other members were added to the band after the release of Oracular Spectacular in 2008.

      Their first single off Oracular Spectacular was "Time to Pretend" which got high rotation on radio etc and gave the band worldwide acclaim.

      The band has released three full length albums: Oracular Spectacular (2008) Congratulations (2010) and MGMT (2013)

      Band members:

      Andrew VanWyngarden (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums)
      Ben Goldwasser (keyboards, vocals, guitar)
      Matthew Asti (bass, keyboards)
      James Richardson (guitar, vocals)
      Hank Sullivant (guitar, keyboards)
      Will Berman (drums)

      You can learn more about MGMT, browse photos, and see the tour schedule at the Official Website.

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