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    Mütiilation is a one-man black metal band that was affiliated with Les Légions Noires (or LLN). It was formed in 1991 by Willy Roussel (Meyhna'ch) in Grabels, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, and soon after became affiliated with the LLN. After their first full length, Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood, in 1996 Meyhna'ch left the Black Legions. They are also the only band affiliated with the LLN (with an exception of Vermeth and Amaka Hahina) that has kept going after 1998. Mütiilation was officially terminated by Meyhna'ch in December 2009.

    Members of Celestia played instruments live for Mütiilation in 2001 for 2 shows - the Drakkar Hellfest & Under the Black Sun.

    Meyhna'ch also performs vocals for Hell Militia & Od Sanctus.

    Sorrow Galaxies (2007) was the first Mütiilation album since Vampires of Black Imperial Blood to have real drums.

    (affiliated with the LLN)

    * Rehearsal (Demo, 1992)
    * Rites to the Twilight of Hell (Demo, 1992)
    * Ceremony of the Black Cult (Demo, 1992) † maybe 1993
    * Satanist Styrken (Demo, 1993)
    * Hail Satanas We Are the Black Legions 7" (Unknown, 1994)
    * Black Imperial Blood (Travel) (Demo, 1994)
    * Promo '95 (Demo, 1995)
    * Vampires of Black Imperial Blood (Drakkar, 1995) † rereleased by EAL in 1999, and again by Drakkar in 2001


    * Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul (Drakkar, 1999 - material from early-mid 90s)
    * New False Prophet 7" (EAL, 2000)°
    * Rehearsal (Demo, 2001)°
    * Destroy your Life for Satan Promo (self released, 2001)°
    * Live at Under the Black Sun Fest 2001 (Evil Productions, 2001)°
    * Black Millennium (Grimly Reborn) (Drakkar, 2001)°
    * Possessed and Immortal (Blakk Holocaust, 2002)° † compilation of demo material (Bootleg)
    * 1992 - 2002 Ten Years of Destructive Depression (EAL, 2003)° † compilation of rare and live tracks
    * Split with Deathspell Omega (EAL, 2002)
    * Majestus Leprosus]] (Ordealis, 2003)°
    * Rattenkönig (Ordealis, 2005)°
    * From the Entrails to the Dirt set (EAL, 2005)° † 10" split with Malicious Secrets
    * Split with Drowning the Light/Satanic Warmaster 12" pic LP (Dark Adversary/GoatowaRex, 2007)
    * Sorrow Galaxies (EAL, 2007)

    Mütiilation has published photos.