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    M|O|O|N (sometimes spelled as |M|O|O|N|, M.O.O.N. or M O O N) is the nickname of the American electronic musician Stephen Gilarde from Boston, USA who currently lives in Los Angeles, USA.
    He is probably most known for his work on the Hotline Miami - Official Soundtrack, which featured his most recognizable track Hydrogen, originally released on Moon - EP (2011).
    In his own words he is "making music I want to listen to. You might like it too."

    He is James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem's Nephew

    2011 - Moon - EP
    2012 - Particles EP
    2013 - Day / Night EP
    2013 - The Remixes
    2013 - Quixotic (single)

    Official Page

    M|O|O|N 251975a278d7dd396e31a4cd99a727f2 M|O|O|N 3399d4b4d6dc4447c4b8742779452ef8 M|O|O|N baf767c839cb4310c31199b75883c42d M|O|O|N 8bc9180f058b458c9e31833c28432932 M|O|O|N 6fc137c16ee64e8096e401f11d680e78 M|O|O|N 46072d67c83d4af8ca881ed74e4e35ee M|O|O|N f36f38a38ae24cd68ba35c645b346d30 M|O|O|N 95d690921c194a1badab3f9e9a27e50f M|O|O|N 4ff9e6c4234540efb8b392bcccb0140a M|O|O|N fb719e2f3f08440aaa70354f62eb3ca3 M|O|O|N de919d1e669844da9991a6f88b337d3a M|O|O|N a9651622058046bebd9b1b1442c85c04