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Lykke Li

indie pop female vocalists swedish electronic pop

      Lykke Li (born Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson on 18 March 1986 in Ystad, Sweden) is a Swedish singer-songwriter. Her music often blends elements of pop, indie rock and electronic; various instruments can also be found in her songs, including violins, synthesizers, tambourines, trumpets, saxophones and cellos. Li possesses the vocal range of a soprano.

      Li was raised by artistic parents (her mother was a photographer, her father is a musician). As a toddler the family moved to Stockholm. Later she lived in Portugal for five years and spent winters in Nepal and India. At one point, she worked as a on Swedish TV.

      Li had her first success with the EP "Little Bit" in 2007. She later released her debut album, Youth Novels, on LL Recordings in the Nordic region on 30 January 2008, prior to a wider European release in June of the same year. The album was produced by Björn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John) and Lasse Mårtén. It was released in the United States on 19 August 2008.

      On 1 March 2011, she released her sophomore effort Wounded Rhymes on her own label LL Recordings.

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