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Lutomysl (Лютомысл in Cyrillic) is a one-man black metal band from Ukraine, formerly known as Profane Solitude. He has already released five full lengths in the short time since he renamed his project: Вызов (The Challenge), Зима Людства (Winter of Humanity), I(')mqui(nt)ess/cence, Decadence, and Catharsis.

With his sixth album "De Profundis" (2008) Lutomysl have achieved the sublime refinement of their Jet Black Metal art. Their weeping, sorrowful melodies are delivered with an extremely harsh and abrasive guitar sound and effective dynamics, creating a tense and absorbing atmosphere across each of the lengthy, yet well-constructed, tracks.

In the winter of 2010 the seventh self-titled album will be released. You can listen to a preview of the album on the official myspace:

Though peripherally connected to the NSBM scene in Ukraine through his association with members of Nokturnal Mortum, his early labels, and some questionable lyrics on his first album, Lutomysl stresses his project is completely antipolitical and dedicated towards individualistic and misanthropic ends, and he himself does not share the views of NS bands.

Lutomysl has published photos.