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The boyband called Lunetic is group of 4 members. They was discovered in 1998. It was big boom in Czech music. They had a lot of fame. Teenagers loved them. But Martin had some problems with drugs and he went to medical institution. Lunetic broke-up in 2002. Their the best known song is "Máma" (Mum), "Chtěl bych tě líbat" (I want to kiss you), songs full of love. And now the boys are back!
You can retrospect. Lunetic changed soul music. They play vivace.

Martin Kocián (32)
Vašek Jelínek (30)
David Škach (32)
Aleš Lehký (29)

1998 Cik-Cak
1999 Nohama na zemi
2000 Časoprostor

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