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    There are several artists called Lumen:

    1) A Russian rock/alternative band from Ufa,
    2) Formed in San Francisco, CA by several individuals who collectively despise post-rock.
    3) A stoner/screamo band from the Czech Republic.
    4) The duo Pinkie Maclure & John Wills. See also Pumajaw
    5) An electronic/trance artist by the name of Chris Conklin who performs as Lumen.
    6) A Portuguese group of folk/celtic/world music.

    1) LUMEN is a Russian rock/alternative band from Ufa, Russia . The band was formed on the 12th of February, 1998. In ten years Lumen became one of the most famous and popular Russian alternative bands. In October, 2008 Lumen won the "Band of the year" title at RAMP Awards. In 2007 the band has won two prizes on RAMP awards from main alternative music channel in Russia “A-One”, they were laureate of nominations “Best band of 2007” and “Best album of 2007”. Same year Lumen won prize from rock-magazine Fuzz as “Best new band”. “New” is actually not really correct if talks about them. Their first radio hit Сид и Нэнси (Sid & Nancy)get on radio on 2002 and became a hymn for huge part of teenagers who found in Lumen’s lyrics their own ego and recognized that they are soul-mates. Than two of their songs C4 and Сколько (“How much?”) approached same destiny as “Sid and Nancy”. Again peoples are re-singing those songs on their garages and kitchens and again Lumen turned out a very timely and burning. The song Государство (“State”) became the most often-ordered song in the air of A-One channel.
    From 2002 the band grew up with their first worshippers founding a lot of new one. Lumen’s following releases only increase their success. For today Lumen has 8 official releases among which 4 studio albums, 4 live albums and two of live is a DVD.
    It easy to imagine but difficult to believe – just for few years LUMEN without any special support from major labels and some fake sensations became on status of a big and good know artists. And they moved from small venues and a split concerts to solo concerts on the most famous and huge venues in Russia. Lumen is always searches for new ways and don’t scares of experiments.
    Somebody may say that they are representative of the new wave in alternative music; somebody may call them a followers of traditional punk music. But musicians themselves don’t care about any labels and definitions. They makes honest and uncompromising songs and don’t try to holds the “format” and state of affairs. And their songs are always finds thousands admires everywhere around the country. Their live shows it’s like a storm of drive and real emotions for this reason their numerous concerts are always has a huge audience.

    The band was created by Rustem “Tem” Bulatov, Igor “Garick” Mamaev, Denis “Den” Shahanov and Evgeni “John” Ognev. For few years until 2002 the band actively researches and acts. In 2002 Lumen published their first “white label“ release - it’s a concert in the club “Navigator” in Ufa. The song named “Sid & Nancy”, from upcoming album, became a radio-hit status. Followed album was released by large Russian label and named “Bez Konservantov” (tr.: “No Preservatives Added”) it’s definitely fixed band’s success. In 2004, when the band recognized that they did not got expected efficiency from label which released their first album, they choose another one Russian label, broke up relationships with manager and started to work with Vadim Bazeev (producer and general manager of independent label, based in Moscow “Muzyka-Vdoh”) who in some time became a manager of the band, full member of the team and real creator of new ideas. Two songs from album “Tri Puti” (tr.: Three Ways) which was released on 2004, became to be radio-hits as well. Lumen performed on regional music festivals as a headlines; every year they got offers for acting on huge Russian festivals. After the release of the album, first big concert tour, numbered more than 20th cities has taken place.
    On Summer of 2005 was released first official live-album “Odnoy Krovi” (tr.: One blooded) . In October was released another one studio album named “Svoboda” (tr.: Freedom). This album was recorded in Ufa with regular Lumen’s sound producer Vlad Savvateev (D-Rain). In Spring of 2006 Lumen have released their first official DVD named “Dyshi”. (tr.: Breathe) And again musicians did not get full output and result from promised deals from record-labels. When the terms of the contract with record-label has finished, the band decided to makes everything by their own and be in race from outside. In process of work under next album bass player leaved the band exactly for few weeks before starting of the promotion tour. Nevertheless, not any concert which planned in support-tour was cancelled. Evgeniy "Shmel" Trishin was invited in membership as the sessional musician. 2007 year becomes for LUMEN a really breakthrough. In the beginning of April the band presented a new concert program “Pravda?” (tr.: Truth?) In few weeks later Lumen has got a prize from authority Russian rock magazine “Fuzz” in a nomination “Best new band”. In the end of the year Lumen gets another one well-deserved prize: The band has won on the “RAMP” Awards founded by First Alternative Music Channel “A-One” in two nominations: “Best Album of 2007” and “Best band of 2007”. The beginning of 2008 was marked for the band by long and most extensive concert-tour "Burya" (tr.: Storm), and this time it has captured not only Russian cities (from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok!), but also CIS countries.
    In April 2008 Lumen got another one prize in awards which founded by magazine "Fuzz" in nomination «Album of the year».
    The story will be continued!


    2002 Live in Navigator club
    2003 Без консервантов ("Preservative Free")
    2004 Три пути ("Three Ways")
    2005 Одной крови ("One blooded")
    2005 Свобода("Freedom")
    2006 Дыши! ("Breathe!" DVD/CD(Live)
    2007 Правда? ("Truth?")
    2007 Буря ("Tempest") DVD/CD (Live)

    2)Lumen was formed in San Francisco, CA by several individuals who collectively despise post-rock. Originally a bedroom project of old bandmates Jeff R. and Jeff K., Lumen evolved to become something larger and stranger. Now residing between LA and Oakland, the four Lumens labor and toil in fits to create their bizarrely anthemic songs. Why bizarre? Imagine a fingerpicked acoustic guitar performing counterpoint with the warm upright bass, all resting atop the blankets of organs and accordian. Now place that in the context of Andee from A Minor Forest's amazingly loud and penetrating heavy metal polyrhythms. Yet the music ranges towards the land of the metal ballad, or perhaps the one Yes song you actually would put on a mixtape. Forget the fact that Rosenberg was previously in Tarentel; Lumen pulls from a whole new bag of tricks! They embody melancholia and triumph, conviction and loss, days of yore and future.

    2001 "The Man Felt An Iron Hand Grasp Him By The Hair, At The Nape. Not One Hand, A Hundred Hands Seized Him, Each By The Hair, And Tore Him Head To Foot, The Way You Tear Up A Sheet Of Paper, Into Hundreds Of Little Pieces." on Temporary Residence

    3)A stoner/screamo band from the Czech Republic actually called Lvmen!
    Several albums released on Day After Records.

    4)Lumen is also the name the duo Pinkie Maclure & John Wills have released an album called "This day and age" under, although they are now performing as either Pumajaw or using their own names. Willis conjures up energetic, well-judged backing, never too much, but just enough to frame Maclure's marvellous voice. The combination draws on Thirties cabaret, musique concrète, free jazz and modern dance music to produce a unique and incredibly self-assured sound.

    5)There is also an electronic/trance artist by the name of Chris Conklin who performs as Lumen; The album esperanto belongs to this artist.

    6) Lumen are also a Portuguese group of folk/celtic/world music. They incorporate traditional and modern instruments in both traditional songs from the northern Iberian Peninsula and their own original songs.

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