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1.) Lucifugum is a black metal band from the Ukrainian metal scene. They were formed in 1995 in Zhitomir by poet-composer Khlyst and musicians Bal-a-Myth (guitar, bass) and Faunus (vocals). Faunus has left the band in 2001, and Bal-a-Myth died during his sleep on October 5, 2002 because of overdose. Albums “Back to chopped down roots” and “Sociopath: philosophy cynicism” were recorded in 2003 by different session musicians, who, however, didn't join the band.
In 2004 Khlyst has moved to another Ukrainian city Mykolayiv in order to continue the activity of Lucifugum and Propaganda together with local Black Metal musician Elena (aka Stabaath) (ex-Namtar, ex-Hesperus). “Vector33” was the first album with Stabaath, where she recorded vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards.

The music of Lucifugum was different and changed during the years. The early period can be described as symphonic black metal (1996-2000), later it was black/thrash metal, sometimes with death metal touches (2001-2003), and after 2004 the music of the band has transformed into pure black metal style.

Khlyst and Stabaath are married. They are also the owners of Black Metal label Propaganda.

Current line-up:
Khlyst (Igor Naumchuk) - vocals (2014-), lyrics (1995-), drum programming (2008-)
Stabaath (Elena Naumchuk) - guitars, bass, vocals (2004-), keyboards (2005)

All lyrics by Khlyst. Music by Stabaath and Khlyst.

According to Propaganda web site (details to album "Sublimessiah") Khlyst performs vocals since 2014. The critical problems with Stabaath's throat have stopped her during the record of the vocal. So, there are just 3 tracks (1,3,5) with Stabaath's vocals on "Sublimessiah".

Gates of Nocticula —Demo, 1995
Path of Wolf —Demo, 1996
Skvoz Ravnodushnoe Nebo —Demo, 1997
Nakhristikhryaschakh —Full-length, 1999
Na Kryuchya Da V Klochya —Full-length, 2000
…A Koleso Vse Skripit… —Full-length, 2001
Kleymo Egoizma —Full-length, 2002
…Back to Chopped Down Roots —Full-length, 2003
Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism —Full-length, 2003
Vector33 —Full-length, 2005
The Supreme Art Of Genocide —Full-length, 2005
Involtation —Full-length, 2006
Sectane Satani —Full-length, 2007
Acme Adeptum —Full-length, 2008
Xa Heresy —Full-length, 2010
Od Omut Serpenti —Full-length, 2012
Sublimessiah —Full-length, 2014

Former/past member(s):
Bal-a-Myth - guitars, bass (R.I.P 27/12/1974 - 05/10/2002)
Faunus - vocals (1995-2001)

Birth Dates:
Bal-a-Myth (27 December 1974 Zhytomyr, Ukraine) (R.I.P. 5 October 2002)
Igor Naumchuk aka Khlyst (1972 Zhytomyr, Ukraine)
Elena Naumchuk aka Stabaath (1974 Mykolayiv, Ukraine)

2.) There was also a Spanish black metal band called Lucifugum. It was formed in 1996. They released a demo in 1998 and the full length album "Invade" in 2000. After releasing a split with Sundusk in 2002 they split up.

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