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seen live slovak alternative indie electronic

Longital are
Shina Lo (Šina) - vocal and bass
Yatnolas (Daniel Salontay) - vocal, guitars, bow
and the virtual Xi Di Nim - organic electronics: ambient sounds, loops & samples, toys, touchscreen Lemur Jazz Mutant

He dreamed a lot. She wrote poetry. He sharpened his imagination and built aeroplanes and ships. She sang and played piano. He got a guitar and loved jazz. She ran college radio and played folk. They both loved music and skiing. He graduated in maths. She graduated in engineering. He taught computer science and played the blues. She did graphic design and photography. He found some wrecked guitars and rescued them. She lost old friends. They met and became friends. He went to Cleveland to study jazz. She stayed in Bratislava. He missed her. She missed him. They met again in the US. They fell in love. They returned home. He discovered bow. She got bass guitar. He wrote songs. She wrote songs. They moved to a beautiful place on a hill called Dlhe Diely (Long Yards). They formed the band Dlhe Diely with some friends. They started their record label Slnko records ( They quit their proper jobs
They recorded few albums and lost few drummers. They discovered electronics and started to use ambient sounds and loops. They discovered that the hill Dlhe diely was previously called Longital. They formed the new band Longital.

And finally came the dream of White Tiger telling them the SECRET

This Slovak alternative band is also known as Dlhe diely/Dlhé diely (former name).


Heartful beats with spectral and soulful electronics, watercolour guitar landscapes interwoven with smooth winding fretless basslines. Voices sing the heart out in a strange and beautiful language. Unusual music with attitude.

Longital was formed in 2001 in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The vibe of the city that is historically known as the crossroad of various cultures influenced the multi-genre sound of the band, blending song and experiment, electronics and acoustics. Longital is old name of the hill "Dlhé diely" above the river Danube where the band members reside. The band releases on its own label Slnko Records.

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