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depressive black metal black metal Black Doom Metal swedish swedish black metal

Livsnekad (Lifedenied), Hallands län, Sweden. The idea behind "Livsnekad" was founded by Ulf and Andreas in october 2007. They both felt needed to express another, much darker and much more emotional side of music than they experienced in other musicial projects that they've had throughout the years. Livsnekad is created by pure reality and takes the listener to the deepest depths of personal hells, depressions and other similar life-matters. Sinking you deeper down beneath your consciousness. Livsnekad takes you through a journey where the darkest sides of the human psyche are kept. A voyage that will remind you of the harsh coldness of reality that many choose to either ignore or escape from. Although everyone knows that they can't avoid the unavoidable end, which is to be left alone and abandoned only to die with regret… slowly letting its noose coil a grip around the neck. We bring you life for what it is!

Let the dreadful anxiety commence…

In 2012 Livsnekad changed name into Acacia. "We feel that the name "Livsnekad" is no longer something that can be applied nor relates in any way to our music, lyrics or personalities."

Livsnekad has published photos.