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Lil Mouse

drill Hip-Hop real recognize real and this nigga the realest rap trap

This 14 year old rapper who hails from Chicago has had quite the run for such a youngin'. After he dropped his single "Get Smoked" that blew up the internet, Lil Wayne went on to remix it, and put it on his mixtape titled "Dedication 4". Since then he has been working hard to get his name out there and grow his fanbase, putting out multiple singles and a mixtape titled "Mouse Trap", in December of 2012, that received positive review, despite the lyrical content being seen as "inappropriate" for someone his age. He also has gone on to do singles with fellow Chicago rappers Twista, and Lil Durk. As well as putting out a song with Gorilla Zoe, who is a member of the noteable southern rap group from Atlanta, Ga "Boyz n da Hood". He has plans to release Mouse Trap 2 in the summer of 2013, so be on the look out for Lil Mouse and his future works because this kid can't be stopped!

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