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    Lights (born Valerie Anne Poxleitner on 11 April 1987 who later changed her name legally to Lights Valerie Poxleitner), is a Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is best known for her heavily synthesized dream pop music.

    Her song "Drive My Soul" peaked at #18 in the Canadian Hot 100 in 2008. Her next single, "February Air", was released on 9 December 2008 and the video for that song was put on the web on 12 December 2008. In 2009, Lights released her third single to radio called "Ice" with a self-made video released via her MySpace.

    Lights won Indie awards in the Favourite Solo Artist and Favourite Single categories during Canadian Music Week in March 2009 at Toronto, Ontario. She won the Best New Artist awards in the Hot AC and CHR categories. All awards were for her debut single Drive My Soul, except the award for Favourite Solo Artist. She won best new artist at the 2009 Juno Awards. Three singles from Lights’ 2009 album “The Listening”, have since been released: “Saviour”, “Ice”, “The Listening” and “Second Go”.

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