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    McKenzie attended Stoke Newington School and became interested in a musical career during his school years. He comes from a music family consisting of nine siblings. His brother, Mac.1, is a producer, and he introduced McKenzie to the art of creating music in his studio, at the age of 15. Labrinth started his big time career by producing for Master Shortie in his debut album A.D.H.D.. This gained a buzz within the industry and he was then signed to a publishing deal by Guy Moot at EMI Music Publishing. He also co-wrote, produced and featured on Tinie Tempah's BRIT Award-winning single "Pass Out", which entered UK Singles Chart at number 1, becoming Tempah's first single to top the charts. "Pass Out" introduced a unique sound to the music industry, with an electro-pop-grime sound. In June 2010, Labrinth and Tinie Tempah collaborated again, on the single "Frisky" which debuted at number 2 in the UK; although it became the duo's second single top the UK R&B Charts

    Labrinth provided vocals on Professor Green's track "Oh My God" taken from his debut album Alive Till I'm Dead.He is currently writing songs for Professor Green, Ola Svensson, Pixie Lott, Preeya Kalidas and Loick Essien and is remixing songs from JLS.

    He remixed the single Stylo by Gorillaz, adding vocals from collaborator Tinie Tempah.The remix appeared on the band's succeeding single "On Melancholy Hill". He has also produced for Canadian artist Raghavand appears in music video of Raghav's single "So Much".Also he produced Master Shortie's single "Dead End", in which he is featured on the chorus but uncredited, and for which he appears in the music video.

    His album Electronic Earth is due to be released on 2 April 2012

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