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Kroda (also sometimes written as Крода) is a pagan folk / Black Metal band from Lemberg, Ukraine formed by Eisenslav and Viterzgir in 2003. They describe their music as "" and their lyrics deal with themes like nature, paganism and history, as well as anti-Christianity. Although starting as a studio project, Kroda became a live band in 2007, drafting in musicians from Ruina to flesh out what was a two-man lineup.

Despite several protests by the band to the cotnrary, they are often considered part of the scene by the fans of the genre. The band members themselves have stated that "Kroda's lyrics DO NOT contain any political appeals or proclamations!"

On the 14th of February, 2005, they published their first release, "Cry to Me, River...", on Stellar Winter Records (Russia) and Rarog Production (Ukraine). This was then followed by a split-album with the Russian band Oprich, "Legend (And Poppyflowers are Blossoming)", on the 26th of April of the same year, and 3 months later on the 20th of July by their second full-length "Towards the Firmaments Verge of Life...".

Due to the creative disagreements author of Kroda’s music and visual conception Viterzgir left the band in 2010; he later formed the folk metal band Viter. Eisenslav continued for awhile as Kroda's sole member, but other members were eventually drafted again for live performances and now are considered official members of the band.

Many of the band's releases have multiple titles, one in English (or occasionally German) and one in the band's native Ukrainian. This goes for both albums and most song titles. Both are listed below for album releases where applicable.


2004 - Cry to Me, River.../Поплач мені, річко...
2005 - Legend (Poppyflowers Are Blossoming)/Легенда (мак цвіте) (Split with Oprich)
2005 - Towards the Firmaments Verge of Life.../До небокраю життя... (note: Ukrainian title may translate more accurately as something along the lines of "To the Nightmare of Life…")
2006 - By a Hammer of Spirit and Identity of Blood/Молотом духу та єдністю крові (Split with Velimor)
2007 - Fimbulvinter/Похорон сонця (note that the Ukrainian title translates as "Funeral of the Sun")
2008 - Live in Lemberg (Live album)
2009 - Fünf Jahre Kulturkampf/П'ять вогняних років (Compilation featuring new tracks and re-recordings of the band's earlier material. The German title translates literally as "Five Years' Culture Struggle" while the Ukrainian title translates as "Five Years in the Fire")
2011 - Schwarzpfad/Чорнотроп (both album titles translate roughly as "Black Path")
2012 - Live Under Hexenhammer: Heil Ragnarok!
2013 - Varulven (EP)
2015 - Ginnungagap Ginnungagaldr Ginnungakaos
2015 - Навій схрон
2016 - Kälte Aurora - Live in Lemberg II (originally released in three parts digitally; physically released as a three-CD set in 2017)

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