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      1) Kristína Peláková (born August 20, 1987), professionally known as Kristína, is a Slovak pop singer.

      Kristina started singing, dancing and playing the piano in her childhood in Svidník, Slovakia. She took her music teacher's advice to attend the conservatory in Košice and to major in singing. During her studies, Kristina frequented the Jazz Club in the town where she met her future producer Martin Kavulič. He helped her to get a contract with the H.o.M.E. Production record label. Her first single "Som tvoja", featuring the rapper Opak, was released in 2007. The first track that became a hit in Slovakia was "Vráť mi tie hviezdy" in 2008. Her debut album "….ešte váham" was released in the same year.

      Kristina's song "Horehronie" won the national selection for the Slovak representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, getting the largest share of the televote and coming second in the jury vote. The track, an ode to the homonymous region in Slovakia, was composed by Kavulič. The song peaked at #1 on the Slovakian airplay chart.
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      2) For Ukrainian DJ, please tag Kristina DJ.

      3) Kristina, Croatian gospelsinger & Kristina, Croatian pop singer recognized for her first single "Odnijela te votka".

      4) Kristina Neuwert, German pop singer, former member of girl group Bisou.

      5) Kristina is a dangdut female singer from Pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia.

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