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    Krewella is an electro group from Chicago, USA, comprised of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, formerly joined by producer Rain Man. Making their debut in the summer of 2011, the trio instantly exploded onto the electro scene with their genre defying releases. Seamlessly merging infectious melodies with snarling dubstep drops, Krewella defines norms in EDM music.
    Onstage, the energy of Krewella's DJ sets is contagious. With unrelenting growling bass, fans will find themselves raging harder than they ever have before.

    "America, and perhaps even the world-at-large, has a lot to fear from this Chicago-based threesome, with sultry vocals resounding of many beer-spilled nights and screaming orgasms."
    - Magnetic Magazine

    "If sex could be turned into an audio format, it would have the file extension .Krewella"
    - Fighting Musical Ignorance

    "Their sound is serene melody, bone shaking bass, and ear piercing Electro noise all rolled into one fluid, handcrafted sound. One part Afrojack, two parts Skrillex, straight-up with a twist."
    - The Campus Socialite

    "Krewella is one of the fastest rising groups in EDM today."
    - Bangerz Only

    "It's weird to think that two beautiful sisters have the potential to create some of the best dubstep in today's saturated market. It certainly helps to have two hot DJ's but it's going to take a lot more to last in this industry. 'Killin' It' is a perfect example showing us why Krewella is here to stay"
    - Break on a Cloud

    "Them Krewella girls are so badass"

    "One of the hottest trio acts in the electro world"
    - Drop Beats Not Bombs

    "It should be noted that Krewella, besides being drop-dead gorgeous and having some of the most beautiful voices out there, also make some of the best original dubstep productions in the game."
    - Dirty Mexican Lemonade

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