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electronic trip-hop Drum and bass female vocalists electronica

    Kosheen are a Bristol-based trio formed in 1998 by Sian Evans (vocals), Darren "Decoder" Beale and Markee "Substance" Morrison (both producing, mixing, guitars etc.).

    Kosheen achieved international success with their debut single Hide U, which reached #6 in UK official chart. Their debut album "Resist" (released in 2001), a powerful mixture of , , , -inspired beats and traditional singer-songwriter production, was warmly accepted by both critics and audience and later went "platinum" in the UK.

    With their second LP "Kokopelli", Kosheen changed their music style and turned to more -oriented tunes mixed with & . The first single from the album, "All In My Head", became a huge hit, reached #7 in UK chart and the album went "gold".

    Kosheen are also known for their classy gigs, gathering thousands of people from all over the world. The band's live sound is slighty different from their studio production. They have just finished a successful UK tour and are performing throughout Europe to December 07. Live they are augmented by Mitch Glover on live drums and Gary Eccles on keys (on session)

    Sian was involved in some side projects, including collaborations with Bent (tracks "I Can’t Believe It’s Over" and "Sunday Boy" on Bent’s cd "Ariels") and band Root Doctors. Her vocals can also be heard on Decoder’s composition “Defenseless” (off his “Dissection” album), recorded before Kosheen was formed.

    The band's third album "Damage" was released in the UK on Moksha on 10th September 2007. Damage is a mixture of inspirations from electronic influence from "Resist" and guitar tunes from "Kokopelli". The sound of "Damage" mixes elements of , , , , .

    Kosheen has announced a new release for February 2012 called: Independence. Samples & full versions of tracks (Waste, Belladonna) appearing on this can be found @ Soundcloud.

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