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Kollektiv Turmstrasse

minimal minimal techno electronic techno tech house

    Kollektiv Turmstrasse is a project initiated by the musicians Nico Plagemann and Christian Hilscher from Luebeck, Germany.

    Both of them are linking not only their deep ambitions to electronic music with this project - they also link their passion for performing together. By the time the duo developed its pretty own stylistic presence in music, which makes their different inspirations and their sharing passion for electronic music absolutely audible. Nico Plagemann was born 1979 in Wismar, a little town at the baltic sea, and found his way to electronic music at the age of 14 - within the early tracker and demo scene. Fascinated by the possibilities of programming his own tracks, he became a tracker on his own, programming mods with Scream- and Fasttracker. This hobby developed and improved rapidly, and after buying the first electronic hardware instruments, it transformed into a passion.

    Christian Hilscher was born 1979 in a little coast town named Boltenhagen, in the eastern part of Germany. Already in early years he developed an interest in music and created his first musical pieces with, at those days, popular Tracker tools. After his first open air- and underground parties christian figured out that there would be no way back for him. With his first MKII he started to work on his DJ talent and spent a lot of time making music and working active in culture. He organized his own events which became insider tipps in the regional electronic music scene pretty fast.

    Christian and Nico got to know each other on a live gig. Contacts were changed, and through sharing their same interest in music, a deep friendship developed. In the following years both of them were spending all their money in their musical equipment, so it was no surprise that musical projects followed soon. Their first tracks were inspired by early Detroit-Techno and Acid House, which changed into dubby groove techno like releases by Raummusik, Mosaik and Basic Channel. But it wasnt just music what was motivating both of them. All their friends were acting in the electronic music scene and everybody was putting own ideas into it. Kollektiv Turmstrasse turned into the main activity and resulted with their first release in 2001 on electronic parliament.

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