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Kid Liberty

pop punk Easycore post-hardcore melodic hardcore punk

Members: Trey, Ben, Nick, Larry, and Matt

Bullet Tooth is proud to announce the newest member of the BT family: KID LIBERTY from Sherman, TX! After an impressive EP release last year the band has been on tour ever since destroying clubs and fans alike with their original brand of melody-infused hardcore. Kid Liberty will release their debut full length "Fight With Your Fists" for Bullet Tooth on August 10 (Produced by Geoff Rockwell who has done Forever the Sickest Kids, Memphis May Fire).

Singer Trey Sexton says, "We wrote this record about all the changes we've all been through, good and bad, throughout the last 71,000 miles of our lives. We like to keep things positive and fun for the most part, but there are a few of those ruthless, pissed of songs that will be included . We want this record to be overall a good time."

With an aggressive combination of many genres, Kid Liberty is determined to land a place in the heart of every person that comes across their music. If that's not enough for you, they've got a live show that will most certainly catch your attention. With the mentality of a hardcore band and the catchy melodies of a pop band, this is a band that will leave you dumbfounded. This is Kid Liberty.

After the release of the "Never Say Never" EP, Kid Liberty spent the next year and a half on road traveling coast to coast, over and over again. The constant DIY touring ended up landing them a spot on tour with Stick to Your Guns, In Fear and Faith, and Stray from the Path. There was definitely something going right as the band watched more kids enter the venues on every tour. Not to mention, around 5,000 copies of EP sold solely on the road.

Trey Sexton commented on the signing and said "Bullet Tooth was the first label we ever talked to period. In the last year we've been in and out with several labels and we are so thankful things came around and we ended up where we really wanted to be from the beginning. We are excited about our future with the label and know we will make an amazing team together."

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