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Katie Got Bandz

Hip-Hop rap drill chicago chiraq

Katie Got Bandz whose real name is “Kiara Johnson” was born in 1994. Katie Got Bandz never dreamed of becoming a rapper, but that would all change after her cousing Donta “Block on da Trakk” Moye asked her to record a track with him. The two met up and recorded Katie Got Bandz’s first song “I need a hitta” which became very popular on youtube, and thus began the career of one of the few female rap artists from Chicago. Katie Got Bandz ‘s cousin ‘Block’ thought the drill music scene in Chicago needed some female faces, hence the reason she asked Katie to work with him. Their first song was “I Need a Hitta”, which they later made a video for and posted on youtube. Katie Got Bandz was actually in jail for gun related charges when the video was released, when she got out of jail, she was surprised to see that it was so well received, so she decided to continue with a rap career. Prior to her music career, Katie Got Bandz was working at McDonald’s?, she later quit that job after signing a recording contract with Lawless record. Katie has numerous time reminded her fans that she’ll be in the rap game for a long time, during an interview she said "I ain't want to be a one-hit wonder so I'm like. 'Let me just keep going,'” Katie Got Bandz also mentioned she’s going to be different from current female rap artists such Nicky Minaj, whom uses sex to sell records. Katie also points out the lack of opportunities for female rappers such as herself, whom are not quick to get deals from major recording labels like their counterparts. Chief Keef was signed to Interscope Records, King Louie was signed to Sony/Epic Records, and Rockie Fresh to Maybach Music Group(MMG), but few females have received the same treatment.

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