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Katarína Knechtová

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KATARÍNA KNECHTOVÁ (* March 14, 1981) is a Slovak solo singer, composer, songwriter and guitarist. By the end of 2008, she worked with musical groups in Prešov named PEHA.

She was born 03/14/1981 in Prešov (east Slovakia).
Basic attended art school in Prešov - piano.
As a 15-year-old became the vocalist Slovak band IMT Smile.
In 1997 was founded with Martin Migas (drummer) and Karol Sivák (guitarist) new Slovak group PEHA.
In 1999 their first debut album is "Niečo sa chystá" become the Discovery of 1999 in Slovakia.
The band released the successful album "Krajinou" and "Experiment"
In 2005, the album in which the issue has a 90% share of Katarína Knechtová - "Deň medzi nedeľou a pondelkom". After the release of this album, Catherine gets the tip of the Slovak music.
In 2006, based on a retrospective album "Best of PEHA".
After addressing Juraj Jakubisko (Slovak director) deposits song "Muoj Bože" to film Bathory.
In 2008, Katarína ends with a group PEHA and becomes a solo singer.
1.12 2008 issued album "Zodiak". Producer of the album is an English producer nicknamed Head.
In 2009, Katarína issued the "Zodiak Tour 2009" in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.
2010 - re-issued retrospective album "Do nekonečna (KK and Peha Best of 1997-2010)" with 2 CD.
In April 2010, a unique project starts "Radosť byť s Vami." On this tour has teamed up modern music with dulcimer music and performed with guest Aneta Langerová and Hudci z Kyjova (Musicians from Kyjov).
In 2010 represents Slovakia on EXPO2010 in Shanghai and later concerts in London where liaise with Christian Eigner.In the years 2010 - 2011 Katarína collaborates with producer Christian Eigner (drums Depeche Mode) on new albums in Slovak and a mutual second album in English.
The spring 2012 issue Katarina Knechtova albums "Tajomstvá" and Love and Regret and issued to festivals and concerts in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

*Katarína Knechtová and PEHA:
Niečo sa chystá (1997)
Krajinou (2001)
Experiment (2003)
Deň medzi nedeľou a pondelkom (2005)
BEST OF (2006)
*Katarína Knechtová:
Zodiak (2008)
Donekonečna /Best of 1997-2010
Tajomstvá (2012)

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