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Slovak satiric punk band from Bratislava.

Karpina is a Slovak political (Smer) punk band. They incorporate elements of pop music and alternative into their music. The band was formed in 1989 by ex-members of Zóna A and Mladé rozlety. Their first gig happened two years later, they opened up for the legendary punk band Zóna A. Karpina is famous for their politically oriented songs, and because of that, their first public broadcast performance in 1993 had been censored. In addition they create parodies of famous songs, such as Prievidza - a parody of Rammstein's Amerika, Doktor Fico - a parody of Los del Rio's Macarena, and Flinstonovci, a parody of the main theme from The Flintstones).

Current line-up:

* Ľudovít Gálka - „Elvis“ (vocals)
* Peter Deák (guitar, vocals)
* Peter Guláš (bass guitar, vocals)
* Tomáš Gábriš - „Tomax“ (guitar)
* Martin Števko „Štefan“(drums)

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