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Karol Duchoň

pop slovak 70s folk much weaker than Dusan Grun

    Slovakian pop singer. Born in Galanta (SVK) on 21.04. 1950.
    Duchon, despite of being called “Tom Jones of Slovakia”, always tried to create his own musical style. He became to be one of the most important singers of the seventies and eighties in former Czechoslovakia. He permanently toured, what at that time used to be called, the “Eastern Block” - Eastern Germany, USSR, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria but he also played in Cuba, France or in Tokio, Japan in 1975.
    The 1980’s were still a success but heavily stigmatized with Duchon’s increasing alcohol addiction. Karol Duchon died of liver cirrhosis in september 1985 in Bratislava. He was 35.


    1985 - Spomienka na Karola (best of, in memoriam)
    1980 - Karol Duchoň
    1976 - Čardáš dvoch sŕdc
    1974 - Karol Duchoň

    Karol Duchoň has published photos.