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Kap Bambino

electro punk electronic Electroclash female vocalists electro

Born in October 2001 in Bordeaux, France along with their own label WWILKO, KAP BAMBINO (Orion Bouvier and Caroline Martial) play an effective and energetic contemporary electronic music.

Based on incisive rhythms, intoxicating riffs and dyslexic lyrics, this music defies classification. Out of control, it is sometimes pop and melancholic, sometimes skinned-raw, but always aggressive. They try to exist in the fringe of the French musical movement, like some no-future bastards, totally devoted to non-stop amazing performance. They perform all their live shows as if they play with their own lives.

On stage, the KAP BAMBINO's impressive turmoil has an identity of its own - playful, wild and without compromise.

This project is an outlet that allows them to express, together, all their energy and delirium, beside their respective sideprojects GROUPGRIS and KHIMA FRANCE.

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