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Kamaya Painters

trance progressive trance electronic dance kamaya painters

Kamaya Painters is a group name used by Dutch artists Tijs Verwest (better known as Tiesto) and Benno De Goeij, from Rank 1.

All tracks were released on Black Hole Recordings, and were subsequently licensed to the Planetary Conciousness and Data Records labels.

Endless Wave, in 1998, was the first tune to be released by Kamaya Painters and it has been heralded as one of the true trance classics, even though it actually hints towards the similar melody as Liquid Child - Diving Faces. The main Black Hole Recordings release contained two equally impressive B-Sides: Northern Spirit and Outstream.

Far From Over soon followed on from the success of Endless Wave and the B-Sides to this track were: Cryptomnesia and Soft Light, the latter containing alienated female vocals.

In 2000, Wasteland was the third and final Kamaya Painters release. It is the hardest-sounding tune of theirs but is considered - like Endless Wave - to be one of the all-time classics, even though it was not given a commercial release at the time. Summerbreeze is the B-Side to Wasteland, and Tiesto named a compilation album after this track!

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