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new age Meditation ambient meditative music from the world of Osho

There are multiple artists with the name "Kamal."

(1) per from Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
(2) A New Age / Ambient artist.
(3) A comedian from Queens, NY.
(4) Kamal2000 is a Hip-Hop artist from New Jersey.
(5) DJ artist from Ismailiya, Egypt. He's highly obsessed with industrial scene.
(6) An Arabic christian artist
(7) A singer/songwriter from Brescia, Italy

(1) Kamal (also known as Killer Kamal) is a per from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He is well known for his solo hits as well as his collaborations with Gino Pietermaai (Gino Pietermaai & Killer Kamal) and Youssef (Youssef & Kamal).

(2) Renowned multi Award winning musician and producer Kamal (Engels) is a thoroughly established New Age and World Music artist with a distinct style and sound who has more than a half of a million CD sales to his credit. His production with the Gyuto Monks "Pure Sounds" won a Grammy Nomination in 2011. He is also working with international artists Deva Premal&Miten and Harry Manx.

Trained as a classical guitarist, he expanded his studies into the worlds of jazz and rock until the early 80s when he began experimenting with synthesizers and sequencers. Drawing much of his inspiration from the environment, he frequently uses the natural sounds of the Earth and its many inhabitants as primary sounds and themes in his compositions and arrangements.

Kamal's New Earth releases, Whale Meditation, Reiki Whale Dreaming, Reiki Whale Song and Quiet Earth are prime examples of his keen sense of tonality and ability to meld the essential sounds of the Earth with man-made instruments and melodies.

A German native, Kamal now lives in Australia where he not only works on his own music, but also works as a producer and sound engineer . He was awarded several of the prestigious Dolphin Award for the Best New Age/Ambient, Best Production/Engineering.

(3) Kamal Ahmed (born May 7, 1966), usually called Kamal, is an American comedian and former member of The Jerky Boys prank phone calling group. He has acted in and directed several films, including Rapturious completed in 2006.

Ahmed famously performed the characters of: Frank Kissel, a World War II veteran; Tarbash, an Egyptian magician; and Ali Kamal, a victim of dental malpractice, on The Jerky Boys albums. He co-starred with John G. Brennan in the comedy/crime film The Jerky Boys in 1995.

In 2000, Ahmed released a solo album titled Once a Jerk, Always a Jerk.

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