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There is more than one artist/band named KGB.

1. KGB was a seventies "Super Group" Blues/Rock band, featuring Ray Kennedy, Rick Grech, Mike Bloomfield, Carmine Appice and Barry Goldberg.
The band released two albums
1976 (self titled) KGB
1976 Motion

2. American hip hop group from 90s affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, releasing, among others, the LP "Freek Tha Flo" in 1994. Members: Asiatic, Kurtis Burton, Raheem.

3. A classically trained pianist who remains one of the youngest vocal soloists ever to perform with the Russian Philharmonic, New York-based newcomer KGB has a pop music style as unique as her background.

Ten years old at the time of her highly publicized performance with the Russian Philharmonic, the St. Petersburg native, who is now sponsored by the Baldwin piano company, came to America shortly thereafter. She has studied music on her own ever since, absorbing along the way influences ranging from Madonna to Pink, Niki Manaj and Cindy Lauper, all of whom, incidentally,have been mentioned among artists whom KGB evokes. Indeed, renowned producer David Kahne was so impressed by Katia’s talent that he offered to produce a record for her in between recording projects for Paul McCartney and Sting.

But KGB has attracted other noteworthy collaborators as well for her debut EP, which is titled “Madhouse.” Steve Greenwell, notorious for his work with Joss Stone, Vic Flowers, a producer and musician whose credits include Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, Young Yonny who produced the Trey Songz smash Say Ah, Omen, Cutt, Brass Knuckles, Wizz and Timbaland productions and Kojak whose credits include Miranda Cosgrove and Flor Rida have all added on the production side.

The EP release is due in mid 2010, but KGB will continue her busy schedule up through then and beyond. She has already written and performed the end-title song for “The Bleeding,” a horror film starring Michael Madsen and Armand Assante that is slated for release in early 2010. She recently performed at the Dancegiving Festival in Miami, Florida and at the Tarrytown Music Hall. Her promotional incarnation the Joker, has garnered much attention on the internet.

4. KGB (Kolyo Gillan Band) is the side-project band of the vocalist of the bulgarian punk-rock band Kontrol. Eventhought the punkish influenced vocalist - Kolyo "The Gillan", the band plays neo swing, jazz and fusion and got one album “Swing Time” produced in 2003 but released five years later (2008).

5. KGB is an American band, whose song 'Im A Player' was featured on the popular television show 'The OC', as well as 'Fortune and Fame' in the movie 'Road Trip'.

6. KGB, exYU (slovenian) punk rock band.

7. KGB (Karel Gott Band) is also alias of Kevin Bird, DJ from UK. For more

8. KGB, a DIY studio one man band from Patras, Greece, playing electronic punk, noise, grind and other either melodic or twisted kinds of electronic music,

9. KGB (Kaizers Gerilja Byråkrati) an alias for Kaizers Orchestra playing the song "Internasjonalen"

10. KGB is a Finnish rap band, also known as Kaukovainio Ghetto Boys

11. KGB (Kiss-Gidófalvy Band) was a hungarian rock project, in the early 90's. They were famous for the sound track of the TV series "Kisváros".
Members were:
Gidófalvy Attila - keyboards, guitar, etc.
Kiss Zéró Zoltán - vocals, bass

12. KGB is a hungarian punk-rock band.
Members:Kontor Tamás guitar, lead vocal
Ganxsta Zolee drums
Big Daddy Laca bass guitar

13. KGB is a contra and English country dance band from Seattle, Washington, United States with a website at

14. KGB is a Russian Thrash Metal band, from Vladimir.

15. producer of Dutty dubz.

16. KGB is a spanish punk band that was active during the 80s.

17. KGB is a Detroit Techno artist who released on the KMS label

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