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electronic french Disco dream pop synthpop

There are many artists/bands known by the name of Jupiter:

1. Jupiter are ‘q. & a.’ (boy and girl!) from Paris. Jupiter deliver vintage-flavored lazer-disco songs that would be on heavy rotation on every radio station in a better world. The two members of Jupiter met on a dancefloor cleared by a slightly too retro hit. Their shared passion for a time tainted by glitter and care-free music drove them to bond together and write music halfway between “Thank God It’s Friday” and “Purple Rain”. They first gained attention following official remixes for Anoraak, Metronomy and Two Door Cinema Club. Their first two EPs, Starlighter and Vox Populi excited the blogosphere and allowed them to be featured on a number of releases by the French label Kitsuné.

2. Jupiter is a Japanese visual kei, power metal band formed in April 2013. Versailles’ amazing instrumentalists and band-mates, HIZAKI (G), TERU (G), MASASHI (B), YUKI (Dr) discovered a talented singer ZIN. Now they are all ready to play new music of “Jupiter.”
ZIN’s mysteriously beautiful voice just gives the unexpected chemistry to their already established gorgeous yet extremely intense heavy metal sound. Jupiter is one and only full of infinite potential of pomp-filled universe.
Their debut single “Blessing of the Future” has been released on 24th of July 2013 on Universal Music LLC/Thunderball667. The awaited full album "CLASSICAL ELEMENT" was released on August 28. As one of the most technical leading Visual-kei bands, Jupiter embarks internationally for the new horizon only they can take you to. Official site:

3. Jupiter is a boy band and rival band in the Japanese video game, The iDOLM@STER 2. The unit consists of the characters Touma Amagase (Voice: Takuma Terashima), Hokuto Ijuuin (Voice: Daichi Kanbara) and Shouta Mitarai (Voice: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu). After the events of the anime, Jupiter broke away from 961 Production and joined 315 Production becoming one of the idol units in the mobile social game The iDOLM@STER SideM.

4. Jupiter is a hip hop producer from Facem Records (hip hop romanian independent label). he is known for a soon to come series of musical episodes known by Jupiter Killed The Melody. The first episode is released and free to download from his official site: Jupiterestru.

5. JUPITER is an indie rock band. JUPITER has played many famed venues nationwide including Chicagos Empty Bottle, Double Door, and Schubas, as well as New York Citys Ace of Clubs and The Way Out Club in St. Louis where they have been received with enthusiasm by experts and the public generally. In addition to the more traditional music outlets, JUPITER created original music for the Side Projects production of the play Lysistrata, performed during Theatrevolutions production Dionysius 2.0 and did both for the recent Harvey Finklestein Production, UU7: A Magician Never Tells His Tricks. JUPITER has also appeared on a local music compilation that features Chicago favorites Turner joy and Giant Step.

6. Jupiter is also a small singer-songwriter band from The Netherlands. So far they’ve only recorded a demo cd in February 2007, containing three songs. Besides that, they’ve played at a lot of band nights and festivals all over the country and won several contests. Their myspace: Acousticjupiter

7. Jupiter was the Spanish melodic rock/AOR band. They released two albums: Jupiter (1988) and Radio Rock’N’Roll (1988). They played very catchy and melodic music. Narciso Lopez - vocals, Enrique Bertrán - guitar, Javier Ponce - guitar, Jose Rubio - bass, Guillermo Pascual - keyboards, Carlos León - drums.

8. Jupiter was a dream-pop band from Sydney, Australia in the early 90’s. Released an amazing album ‘Arum’, and disappeared into the ether again.

9. Jupiter is a norwegian/swedish jazz trio. The members are Håvard Stubø - electric guitar, Steinar Nickelsen - hammond organ and Magnus Forsberg - drums. In 2004 they released their first album, Ignition. In 2006 and 2007 they released “Live at Glenn Miller Café” and “III2”, both featuring the swedish saxophonist Jonas Kullhammar.

10. Jupiter is the Slovak electro-pop band

11. Jupiter is a Finnish trio, which plays heavy psychedelic rock n roll. Formed in 2010. Released their debut full length album "Your Eccentric State of Mind" in April 2014, previously released two EP's and a 7" vinyl album. Consists of Tuukka Vänskä (G/W), Valtteri Louhisola (D) and Mikko Toukola (B).

12. There is also a Finnish rock band called JUPI7ER (since 2011) which consists of members of Negative, Bloodpit and Uniklubi.

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