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Jota Quest

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Jota Quest is a Brazilian pop band created in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Its older name was Johnny Quest, but because of some bureaucratic problems with Hanna-Barbera of Brazil, they took their most famous nickname, "J Quest", and rewrote to "Jota Quest".

Formed by Rogério Flausino (vocals), Marco Túlio (guitar), Márcio Buzelin (keyboards), P.J. (bass) and Paulinho Fonseca (drums), Jota Quest honored the tradition of the good music from Minas Gerais and redefined the Brazilian pop-rock scene.

Their first record was J. Quest, where they drank from the disco era to create a whole new sound. Their version of "Dores do Mundo" (Pains of the World), written by Hyldon in the 70's, quickly gained the charts, followed by others, and they went on tour all over Brazil. For this first tour, they used to enter the stage with "black power" wigs.

The second release was De Volta ao Planeta (Back to the Planet), with another bunch of hits. The theme was "The Return to the Planet of the Apes" and they used to wear monkey masks in some songs in the concerts. The songs were also very funky and groovy. It's very hard not to dance to Jota Quest's music.

They tried different things in the third record, Oxigênio (Oxygen). It moved away from the dance floor, with richer melodies and sounds. Public acclaim and album sales weren't very impressive.

Back to the winning formula with "Discotecagem Pop Variada", their fourth album, they consolidated themselves as one of the biggest bands in Brazil. It was quickly followed by "MTV Ao Vivo", a CD/DVD showing one of their performances in a free concert at Praça do Papa, in their hometown Belo Horizonte.

The fifth studio album, Até Onde Vai (How Far It Goes), was recently released as they continue their successful journey of bringing good music and joy to the world.

Source: Wikipedia

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