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Jon and Vangelis

electronic new age Progressive rock ambient art rock

A joint venture between Jon Anderson, best known as the lead singer for Yes, and Vangelis.

They formed in 1979 after Vangelis had been rumoured to replace Rick Wakeman in Yes a few years before. Anderson had contributed to Vangelis' albums "Heaven and Hell", "See You Later" and "Opera Sauvage".

They released a total of four albums with Anderson writing the lyrics and Vangelis composing the music: "Short Stories" in 1980, "The Friends of Mr. Cairo" in 1981, "Private Collection" in 1983, and "Page of Life" in 1991, which got re-released in 1998 with some additional tracks of which Vangelis reportedly did not approve. There are also two compilations, called "The Best of Jon & Vangelis" (1984) and "Chronicles" (1994)

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