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John Hassall


John Cory Hassall was born in London on 17th February 1981. He went to school with Johnny Borrell of Razorlight. His favourite band, and main influence, is The Beatles, though he has said he also likes Beethoven, Bach and The Smiths.

Hassall played bass guitar with The Libertines until their split in 2004, known for his confident, demure stance onstage, while bandmates Peter Doherty and Carl Barât engaged in mic-sharing, onstage banter and fighting. He sang lead vocals on just one Libertines track, Sister Sister, which is available on early release Legs 11.

After The Libertines' split, the song was re-recorded with new band Yeti, and can be found on their UK debut albumThe Legend of Yeti Gonzales. Hassall says the transition from bassist to frontman was hard, as being a frontman is "a very difficult role". Moving from The Libertines to Yeti had other implications, as Hassall says "it was important to show that we were nothing like the "L" band by not wearing leather, not doing drugs and not being garage rock".

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