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John Doe

metalcore hardcore singer-songwriter seen live deathcore

    John Doe refers to (at least) five different artists:

    1. John Doe (born John Nommensen Duchac on February 25, 1954 in Decatur, Illinois) is the founder of the seminal L.A. punk band X, produced and managed by Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek. His musical compositions and performances are varied, including country and folk music. Doe also performs with the country-folk-punk band The Knitters and in 2009 formed John Doe and the Sadies. In the early 1980s Doe performed on two albums by fellow L.A punk band The Flesh Eaters. In addition to performing with members of The Blasters and punk-poet Chris D. on these albums, he also performed with future X band mate D.J. Bonebrake.

    He is also a well-known film and television actor, notably playing Jeff Parker in the Roswell television series. Some of the films that he's appeared in are Road House, Roadside Prophets, Salvador, Great Balls of Fire!, Boogie Nights, The Specials , The Good Girl and Pure Country. He was also in music videos for The Doors LA Woman and The Ramones Something To Believe In with the other members of X.

    The album Forever Hasn't Happened Yet was chosen as one of's Top 100 Editor's Picks of 2005.

    In 1997, he had a minor role in the film 'Boogie Nights'.

    2. John Doe is / band from Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland.

    3. John Doe (real name John Machielsen) is a DJ/ producer and the label owner of / Counter Intelligence Recordings based in Tilburg, the Netherlands in 2004.

    4. John Doe is the former name of a band from Italy, now known as Gotto Esplosivo

    5. John Doe is a Norwegian rock band.

    6. John Doe is a Belarusian band.

    7. John Doe is a Vancouver based meme rapper known for exploiting a local teen suicide and sipping codiene on certain overpasses throughout Van.

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