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Joe Trohman

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Joseph Mark Trohman (born on September 1, 1984 in Hollywood, Florida) is most notably the lead guitarist for the Chicago-based pop-punk band Fall Out Boy, of which he is also the founding member.

Trohman grew up in South Russell, east of Cleveland, Ohio. He lived there for 12 years and attended Chagrin Falls Schools, playing the trombone in the school band until he picked up guitar later in his secondary school years. He moved to a suburb of Chicago around 12 years old. He attended Washburne Middle School, where he participated in various bands for fun. After Washburne, he attended New Trier Township High School. During his high school years he was part of an audio visual club, as well as briefly playing bass in Arma Angelus with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz on vocals.

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