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Jim Major

singer-songwriter Discoverockult

It’s not often we have the chance to review artists from Hawaii here at the melodic net. Here is one though and it’s a pleasant one. Jim plays straight ahead melodic midwest sounding pop rock without any wider curves. And he’s doing it fine. What does it sound like then? Well Jim has a solid voice, somewhere between Bono, Jesse Valenzuela in Gin Blossoms and Francis Healy in Travis. The production, signed by Greg Williams (who worked with Sheryl Crow and The Dandy Warhols among others) is quite acoustic based with a little folk-touch on a couple of tunes. Sure, I could complain about lack of originality and that sort of stuff, but who the hell have an own and unique style in this sort of music these days? Fourth out “Under The Sun” has a terrific refrain, and fifth out “She Only” is a great rocker that all you Gin Blossoms freaks out there will "pee in you pants" when you’ll hear. Great tune. And the tribute to Jeff Buckley, “Angels Fall” is a beautiful tune with a close acoustic nerve and a proof of Jim’s solid voice. I could just imagine that tune with a production signed Daniel Lanois. Phew. The intense in “Love Is” is damn cool and smells U2 goes acoustic. Great refrain. Jim Major is a cool new discovery for sure…

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