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Jig Ai

goregrind grindcore porngrind Czech death metal

    Jig-Ai is a Czech band from Prague, that formed in 2005.

    Jig-Ai play a rather original style of , mixing the old school goregrind genre with various other styles, such as . The most notable characteristic of the band's music is the frequent use of both blast beat and D-beat drum patterns, pig squeals and death growls, and down-tuned guitars and bass. They frequently use ero-guro, a style of hentai in which anime females are featured being mutilated and dismembered in a sexually appealing way, in both their lyrics and imagery. The band's name actually refers to Jigai, a form of ritual suicide which was once performed by women in Japan.

    After The CBDS had broken up, Buraak contacted Brain and Petrasek. They started with a no name project. The project was stopped after few rehersals because of the lack of time. The band was refreshed in autumn 2005 when Stefy came to the band and started playing drums . We made 4 songs promo CD and recorded our 1 st full CD.
    1st CD Jig-Ai ….Jig-Ai…. relased under Bizarre Leprous Production. The band started giving concerts in Czech and some other European countries. In November/December wed had our 1st minitour …. Grind Invasion Tour…. in Germany.
    We prepare material for a new CD, play many concerts through the whole year + the Polish tour ….Grind Tour De Pologne…. . During this autumn we record our new material, creating the 2nd CD and 7 EP with the band Ass To Mouth.
    Russian minitour with Katalepsy in April. 2nd CD Jig-Ai….Katana Orgy….relased under Bizarre Leprous Production.
    USA/Mexico tour. US part together with Pigsty and Mexican with Oxidised Razor. Stefy left band
    Split vinyl with Ass To Mouth relased under Bizarre Leprous Production
    Kaspy start with band as drummer

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