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Jessie J

pop british female vocalists rnb singer-songwriter

      Jessie J (born Jessica Cornish on 27 March 1988) is a singer-songwriter from Essex, England, United Kingdom. She began a solo career after working as a songwriter and backing vocalist for artists such as Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera. Her debut album, "Who You Are", was released in 2011 and contains the singles "Do It Like A Dude", "Price Tag", "Nobody's Perfect", "Who's Laughing Now", "Domino" and "Who You Are".

      In April 2018, Jessie J went up against professional singers from across Asia for the TV show, “Singer” in China, and was ultimately crowned the winner. The final show was watched by an estimated audience of 1 billion viewers. Jessie J sang “I will always love you” as her final performance in the show and posted on Instagram soon after winning:

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