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Jenni Vartiainen

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    Jenni Vartiainen (born March 20 1983 in Kuopio, Finland) is a popular Finnish singer-songwriter. She has released four albums so far; Ihmisten edessä (2007), Seili (2010), Terra (2013), and Monologi (2018). Her albums have sold over 300 000 copies.

    Vartiainen, along with two other girls, won the Popstars reality show in Finland in 2002. Together they formed the band Gimmel and were moderately successful in their home country. The group eventually announced their break up in 2004 after a farewell tour. Soon thereafter, Jenni Vartiainen started her solo career in 2005 by signing up to Warner Music Finland. Her most succesful singles are "ihmisten edessä", "toinen" & "en haluu kuolla tänä yönä".

    However, her first single called "tunnoton" ("Numb"), written by Knipi of Egotrippi (music), Juhani Lappalainen and Jenni herself (lyrics), was not released until two years later, in April of 2007. Her second single "Ihmisten Edessä" ("In Front of People") was released mere weeks ahead of the debut album's release. The 2nd single, written by Teemu Brunila of The Crash, caused a stir amongst media by telling the story of an openly affectionate lesbian couple. Next singles from debut album were "toinen" ("Another"), "mustaa kahvia" ("Black Coffee") and "malja" ("Goblet"). Jenni's debut album "Ihmisten Edessä" was released on September 12th 2007 and rose to the 8th place on the Finnish Top 40 chart and was the most downloaded song on Finnish Itunes. The album sold 39 000 units and was granted with platinum.

    Her secong studio album "seili" was released in April 2010. "En haluu kuolla tänä yönä" ("I Don't Want To Die Tonight"), the first single from Seili has been a success in Finland and #1 on the download- and singles chart.

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