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Czech folk bluegrass czech bluegrass seen live

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1. Czech folk-pop band, which released its debut album "Světlo ve tmě" in May, 2014.
Jelen plays "roots music" - their own music derived from the roots of popular music such as country, folk, bluegrass and blues .. Its distinctive, yet straightforward approach his original song don't overstuff but rather to keep the magic of music and the rawness of naturalness
Members: Jindra Polák - vocals, guitars, mouth organ; Martin Kasal - violin, keyboard, vocals; Ondřej Málek - bass, drum, vocals; Tomáš Málek - guitar; Jan Rek - banjo, electric guitar; Janek Kovářík - accordion; Alexandr Smutný - trumpet, percussion; as a special guest with them performs singer Kateřina Marie Tichá.

2. Mindy Stock (born Feb. 11, 1990) began playing music at a very young age, as her mother, a piano teacher, encouraged her to. She experimented with piano, trumpet, and drums, but did not find her instrumental niche until she picked up a guitar at 16. She record her first album, “Quick, before the rain gets in,” with help from a friend and his basement, under the name the Fragile Army. However, the Polyphonic Spree released their new album under the same title, and she new it was time to find a more suitable name.
Mindy moved into a mangy apartment full of unruly boys when she was just 17, and began to take her music more seriously. “Jelen a Zool,” was recorded in a 2 month period using extremely lo-fi recording equipment, a busted mic, and an allegedly stolen computor. The album has been described as melancholy girl-folk with casio-tone beats, and was only distributed to a local record shop and sold at the few shows that were played that year.
Jelen’s latest album, “Velvet Face,” is to be released in 2009 and has a more exotic, mature feel to it than its predecessor.

Jelen has published photos.