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Jason Donovan

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Jason Donovan (born 1 June 1968, Malvern, Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian entertainer who, like one time girlfriend Kylie Minogue, left the popular soap opera 'Neighbours' - in which he played the character of Scott Robinson - to pursue a pop career via the Stock Aitken Waterman 'Hit Factory', PWL. He recorded two PWL albums - "Ten Good Reasons" and "Between The Lines" - and his hits included the singles "Nothing Can Divide Us", "Too Many Broken Hearts" and "Sealed With A Kiss".

After leaving PWL in 1991, Jason starred in a revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical 'Joseph & His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat'. His version of the show's 'Any Dream Will Do' reached the UK #1 spot.

After numerous film and television projects Jason signed to Polydor Records and recorded a third album, "All Around The World", in 1993. This album was never released in his homeland Australia. The album was preceded by a UK Tour and 2 hit singles; "Mission Of Love" and a cover of "As Time Goes By". By the time the album was released, interest had dried up. The final single "All Around The World" was released in 1993.

Despite a high public profile, Donovan's star faded very quickly after his West End success. Indeed, for a brief period, Donovan was on the receiving end of open hostility from the same LGBT community which had supported his PWL era career after he sued a UK magazine for libel after it suggested - falsely - that Donovan may be homosexual.

Donovan is partnered with Angela Malloch, and they have two children together. He now works as the radio studios which broadcasts across the country

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