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Janek Ledecký

Czech pop 90s folkrock seen live

Janek Ledecký (born July 27th, 1962, in Prague) is a singer, , and .

Janek’s musical career began in the time of his studies at the Faculty of Law at King Charles University in Prague in 1982. In the same year he began performing with the band Žentour, which at the time was playing at clubs and in small concert halls. In 1987, Janek definitively decided not to become a lawyer and him and Žentour released their first album, Žentour 001. Two more albums followed with time. 150,000 copies of the album Žentour 003 were sold in 1990. Songs from this time period, mainly the hits “Všechno bude fajn“ and “Promilujem celou noc”, are still played to this day abundantly on Czech radio stations.

Janek began his solo career in 1992 with the successful album “Na ptáky jsme krátký.” In 1993, he released his 2nd solo album, “Právě teď”. He gained the main role in the musical “Pěna dní” in the ABC Theatre. In 1994, he was given a Golden Record from the company B&M Music. In 1997, he won a Grammy award given to him directly by Chris Rea.

In 1998, he composed the Czech musical “Hamlet,” which had great favor in Czech Republic (150 reprises), and was exceeded by his 2nd musical “Galileo,” which premiered in 2003.

Janek Ledecký has published photos.