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James Hersey

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    James Hersey is an independent solo project/band. The 24 year old guitarist writes, produces, and performs soulful songs with unique pop sensibility and vocals. Launched in Vienna, Austria (home to half of his family) in 2010, James rapidly gained support from major alternative outlets as well as mainstream media. His current single "Don't Say Maybe" is charting in the Top-5, and his mixtape "TWELVE" earned him an Artist Of The Month title at Radio FM4.

    Sold-out shows in his hometown, as well as support slots and collaborations with the likes of Train, Left Boy, and Manu Delago (Bjork) promise a long career for the young singer songwriter.

    Available Releases:

    TWELVE (Mixtape) - December 2012

    Forever Yours (Single) - October 2012

    All I Want (Single) – June 2012

    It Ain’t Over (Single) – November 2011

    Stand Up For You (Single) – May 2011

    James Hersey EP – June 2010

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