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J.A.R. is a leading funk-rock band in Czech Republic. It was founded symbolically on 17th November 1989 (starting date of the famous Velvet Revolution, which marked a fall of the totalitarian communist regime).

Basic group created at the time consisted of the author of music Roman Holý and duo of "academic" rappers Oto Klempíř and Michael Viktořík.

J.A.R. in the true sense does not work as a band, but rather as occasional meeting of leading Czech jazz musicians and music producers. Members of J.A.R. are figuring in their own bands and play with their projects. The band does a few concerts every year and one always on 17th November, the traditional concert in the large Prague auditorium Lucerna, where it celebrates its birthday. Live concert from November 2008 was released on DVD in 2009.

Members of the band:
Roman Holý - keyboards, vocals
Michael Viktořík - rap
Oto Klempíř - rap, tambourine
Dan Bárta - singing, rap
Miroslav Chyška - Guitar
Pavel Bady Zbořil - drums
Robert Balzar - bass
Filip Jelinek - trombone, brass section Splash Hornz
Radka Kaspar - saxophone, brass section Splash Hornz
František Kop - saxophone, brass section Splash Hornz

1992 Frtka (Monitor)
1994 Mydli-to! (BMG)
1997 Mein Kampfunk (Bonton)
1999 Homo Fonkianz (Sony Music/Bonton/Columbia)
1999 V deseti letí desetiletím – VHS video/ (Sony Music/Bonton/Columbia)
2000 Ťo Ti Ťo jemixes (Sony Music/Bonton/Columbia)
2000 Frtka + Mydli-to! (Sony Music/Bonton/Columbia) – reedice, 2 CD
2002 Nervák (Sony Music/Bonton/Columbia)
2006 Armáda špásu (Sony BMG/Columbia)
2011 Dlouhohrající děcka (Sony BMG/Columbia)

Former members:
Vit Kučaj - guitar, 1990
Marek Minárik - bass guitar, 1997
Jiří Šíma - saxophone, 1990-1991
Karel Růžička - saxophone, 1997

Official Website:

J.A.R. has published photos.