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Jürgen von der Lippe

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    Jürgen von der Lippe (born 8 June 1948 in Bad Salzuflen; real name Hans-Jürgen Dohrenkamp) is a well-known German television presenter, entertainer, actor and comedian. His stage name comes from the fact that he was born near the source of the river Lippe. Jürgen von der Lippe's first major success was Donnerlippchen (Little Thunder Lips) on WDR television station. He went on to present another very successful dating show, Geld oder Liebe (Money or Love) on ARD; this finished in 2001 after twelve years on air. Some other public service broadcasting programmes of his included WWF Club (1980 to 1990), So isses ("That's how it is"), Die Goldene Eins ("The Golden No. 1"), Hast Du Worte ("Got words?", Wat is? ("Whassup?"), Lippes Lachmix ("Lippe's Comedy Mix") and Was liest Du? ("What are you reading?"). On commercial television he presented the show Blind Dinner (Sat.1, 2001), and since 2001 he has presented the humorous Sat.1 review of the year's events, Wer zuletzt lacht ("He who laughs last"). In spring 2004 he played the main role of Father Erdmann in the comedy series Der Heiland auf dem Eiland ("The Saviour on the Island") on RTL Television. The first series of six episodes was very successful. The second series ran from 23 February 2005, this time with eight episodes. Jürgen von der Lippe had already played a Catholic priest in the comedy Nicht mit Leo, in which he also played a brothel manager and a Foreign Legionnaire. Currently (2007) he sometimes appears in the improvisational comedy series Schillerstraße, playing the role of Cordula Stratmann's father. Since 15 July 2006 von der Lippe has also presented the programme Extreme Activity on the commercial station ProSieben.

    - 1977: Sing was Süßes
    - 1978: Nicht am Bär packen!
    - 1979: Extra Drei
    - 1980: Zwischen allen Stühlen
    - 1982: Kenn'Se den?
    - 1983: Ein Mann Show
    - 1985: Teuflisch gut! (LP title; published on CD as "Man kann nicht immer Sieger sein")
    - 1987: Guten Morgen, Liebe Sorgen
    - 1989: Is was
    - 1990: Humor ist Humor
    - 1992: König der City
    - 1995: Der Blumenmann
    - 1998: Männer, Frauen, Vegetarier
    - 1999: Die andere Seite
    - 2001: Große Männer (Best-of sampler)
    - 2001: So bin ich
    - 2004: Alles was ich liebe

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