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Ill Omen

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1. Ill Omen (Australian Black Metal Band)

- IV - (Everything)

Ill Omen (Demo) - 2009
Black Esoterica (Demo) - 2009
Adverse Order (Demo) - 2009
Spear of Salvation (Demo) - 2010
Compendium Melificarum (Compilation) - 2010
Wrath Of a Thousand Suns (Demo) - 2011
Divinity Through Un-creation - 2011
Remnant Spheres Of Spiritual Equilibrium - 2013
Enthroning The Bonds Of Abhorrence - 2014
Æ.Thy.Rift - 2016
Pestilential Hierophanies (split with Slaughtbbath) - 2016

2. Ill Omen (FINNISH hardcore band)

Turku City, Finland. Hardcore band founded in the Fall of 2008. We are just four guys with different backgrounds, who share a love for this music. Our hometown has had it's place in Finnish hardcore scene in the past and many bands have rose from these streets. We are trying our best to carry on the torch with a new generation of bands and kids, holding true the values those before us had. This is for our friends and families, those who value what we do, those who stand die hard through the years and still care about the hardcore and the scene. These songs are songs about this world going into hell and us trying to hang on to the edge, start of the end is near and it's still getting colder.
"Inflicting pain to backstabbers, True turku style motherfuckers!"

Ill Omen - Self-Titled 7" is available through Poolside Records and KTL Records. 4 new songs, including "Nemesis", "No One Watching Over Us", "Start Of An End" and "Whatever May Come". Split 7" with Get Stitches! is coming up later this year.

3, Ill Omen (Australian metal band)

We, Ill Omen, are a five piece metal band. We formed in late 2007, and have written and recorded our debut demo CD. We are from Melton Vic, in Australia. The rerecorded CDs are on sale at Missing Link records for $5, and our old demo is available to download at Vote and rate us at

Ill Omen's members consist of Jake Hamilton on the drums, Braidy Kean on vocals, Jackson Wright on the bass guitar and Jess Barnett and Ian Lucas both on guitar. Our demo tracks have been recorded in Jake's home recording studio.

Our live shows have been described as intense, insane, awesome, brutal and fucking crazy! We are always looking to play shows and introduce some new minds to our music.

Ill Omen have taken influence from many bands over several subgenres of metal… Slayer, Death, Opeth, Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy, Origin, Testament, Iced Earth and Cannibal Corpse to name a few.

For bookings, message us through here or email to

T Shirts are available for $15, just message us through myspace or email at to order.

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