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Iggy Azalea

Hip-Hop rap pop hip hop australia

      Amethyst Amelia Kelly born 7 June 1990, better known by her rap-name Iggy Azalea, is a rapper, songwriter and model. Azalea began her career when she left her home town in Sydney, Australia, to the United States age 16. She gained recognition for a number of music videos promoting her music. Following this, Azalea signed a record label deal with Grand Hustle in 2012.

      Azalea became a globally recognized artist with the release of her debut studio album, The New Classic, in 2014. The album was preceded by five singles, Work, Bounce, Change Your Life, Fancy and Black Widow. Fancy saw Azalea become only the fourth female rapper to top the charts at number one. The New Classic was reissued as Reclassified, on the 21 November 2014. The album features five new tracks.

      Azalea has begun work on her second studio album however no release date is known as of yet.

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