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Ian Stewart

seen live dark ambient under 2000 listeners RAC Gone but not Forgotten

1. Ian Stewart - the composer of the tracks below - is a British composer specialising in electronica and music for classical saxophone. The tracks on Part2 Records are by this composer.
(The displayed photograph is not the composer of these tracks. Also the composer of these tracks has no connection, stylistically or otherwise, with the far right rock groups that are listed as similar artists.)

2. Ian Stewart from Canada, is also based in London now and produces excellent electro-acoustic music.

3. The Ian Stuart involved in Skrewdriver was killed in a car crash in the 90s. If you are directed here please correct your artist tag to Ian Stuart!

4. Ian AR Stewart (18 July 1938 – 12 December 1985) was a Scottish rock musician who played piano in the original line-up of The Rolling Stones.

5. Ian Stewart is also a busker from Cheltenham with an EP 'satelite kid'.

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